Five-year narrative (ABE consortium authorization)

The ABE 5-year narrative is designed to give existing ABE consortia and new or reorganized applicants for ABE funding an opportunity to review and describe program results, successes, organizational structure, adherence to state/federal requirements, and future plans. Once submitted, the narrative is reviewed and evaluated in order to make decisions about new or continuing multi-year program approval for funding. The 5-year narrative process is based on requirements outlined in Minnesota State Statute 124D.52, subd. 2.

For a complete list of ABE consortia and 5-year narrative submission dates, open the ABE 5-year narrative schedule.

2021 Narrative Requirements

Detailed requirements for narratives submitted on June 1, 2021: 2021 Narrative Requirements

Materials from November 19, 2020 Narrative Writers Workshop:

  1. Section One: 25:36
  2. Section Two: 32:50
  3. Section Three: 40:30
  4. Section Four: 51:15
  5. Section Five: 1:06:45
  6. Section Six: 1:16:20
  7. Section Seven: 1:19:15
  8. Section Eight: 1:24:45

The following templates are recommended, but not required, for use as part of the 2021 5-year narrative submission:​

Section Two:

Intake and Orientation Procedures Template 

Assessment Procedures Template

Contact Hour Tracking Procedures Template

Section Three:

Consortium Professional Development Plan Template

Individual Professional Development Plan Template

Section Four:

Instructional Program Description Template

Content Standards Implementation Plan Template

Section Six:

Technology and Distance Learning Plan Template

Narratives Submitted from Minnesota ABE Consortia

Narratives submitted in 2020:

Cass Lake ABE narrative

LeSueur ABE narrative

Mankato ABE narrative

Moorhead ABE narrative

Robbinsdale ABE narrative

SPCLC (St. Paul) ABE narrative

Southwest (Marshall) ABE narrative

Tri-County Corrections ABE narrative

Narratives submitted in 2019:

Alexandria ABE narrative

Adult Options In Education (Hopkins) narrative

Detroit Lakes ABE narrative

Duluth ABE narrative

Hiawatha Valley (Red Wing) ABE narrative

Metro East (North St. Paul) ABE narrative

Rochester ABE narrative

SW Metro ABE narrative

West (Monticello) ABE narrative

Narratives submitted in 2018:

International Education Center narrative

Osseo ABE narrative

Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA) ABE narrative

Northwest Service Cooperative ABE narrative

Dakota Prairie ABE narrative

South Suburban ABE narrative

Burnsville ABE narrative

Lakeville ABE narrative

Narratives submitted in 2016 and earlier:

(note that structure and content of narrative requirements in 2016 and earlier was significantly different from current requirements)

Southeast ABE narrative (2016)

Department of Corrections narrative (2016)

Central MN  narrative (2016)

RAVE (Rosemount Apple Valley Eagan) narrative (2016)

South Washington County narrative (2016)

AIOIC narrative (2016)

Faribault County narrative (2016)

Deaf ABE - ThinkSelf narrative (2015)

Glacial Lakes-Willmar narrative (2015)

Metro North-Anoka narrative (2015)

Metro South-Bloomington narrative (2015)

Minneapolis Adult Education narrative (2015)